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Academic Life

The curriculum offered from Playgroup to year 12 is broad-based.

Emphasis is placed on the fundamental learning skills of reading, writing, spelling, speaking, mathematics and science in the Pre and Primary Schools. Expansion in the sciences, humanities and expressive arts occurs in the Middle and Secondary Schools.

At all levels a variety of appropriate methodologies is used so that each student can do their very best. Trained specialist assistance is provided for those who require individual attention. We are particularly pleased with our extensive and varied programme for exceptionally talented students at all year levels. Wilderness has tradition of responding positively to fundamental changes in society's educational needs.

Student Life

There are equal opportunities for girls and boys to undertake responsibility for their own community and for the needs of those outside the school. Both Middle and Secondary School students elect representatives for the Student Council which works closely with the staff to supervise and organise many aspects of school life.

Student leadership is also encouraged in the four Houses which form the basis of student organized activities.

Students are also given a unique experience by taking them to the field trip to Northern areas, of Pakistan, whenever possible.

Students from Grade-2 to 'O' Levels are divided house.

The Houses are named after some of the animals – Dolphins, Hawks, Jaguars and Tigers.
Wilderness is a non-sectarian school in which all religious beliefs are respected.

Our course aims to foster in each student the basic Islamic principles of Tauheed, Risalat, Salat, Zakat and Haj and encourages each student to value his/her own strength and individuality. Respect for other religions is also developed.

This would help students to

  • understand the importance of the major beliefs of Islam, and early history of Islamic community.
  • develop a positive and healthy approach towards religion.
  • seek the favour of Allah by practising the code of conduct of Islamic moral and religious standard.
The Academic programme is at the heart of daily activities but there are many other experiences to be gained by students at Wilderness – cultural, recreational and sporting.

Much emphasis is placed on developing self-confidence in public performance and the expressive arts receive very strong support with the Wilderness community.

The Drama activity presents one major production each year with Senior School theatre groups providing the opportunity for further participation.

Wilderness has always produced debaters of the highest calibre and is consistently acknowledged as one of the leading schools in competitions.

Extended excursions cater for special interest groups in creative writing, historical and scientific research.

Special subjects complement the broad curriculum of the School by offering optional extension. Special professional tuition is available in Music, Speech and Drama, and selected competitive sports.

Wilderness has a very strong tradition in competitive sport and offers every student an opportunity to participate at a level appropriate to their abilities. Traditional rivalries amongst the Independent Schools provide added enjoyment in cricket, football, basketball, baseball, softball, badminton and athletics.( Boys and Girls Both)

The Wider Classroom

Students in Year 5/6 are offered debating. Students develop their communication skills and enjoy a variety of topics that challenge and extend their thinking. They are taught the conventions of debating.
Learning goes beyond the classroom. The wider environment contributes to the education of students and many and varied opportunities are offered for learning to take place.

Each year Wilderness students participate in many special events which form links with the wider community. These enable the students to gain a deeper understanding of others, and the importance of 'giving' while also providing insights into 'life at Wilderness' for those outside our school.
Islamic Events, National Days, Community Service Activities, Information Evenings, Open Days, musical performances, family teas, environmental projects, visits to and from other schools.
Each class comes to the Library for a lesson at least once a week.
Students have the opportunity to participate in educational excursions throughout each school year. These may include visits to theatre, zoo, Science and Technology Centre, industries, cultural villages and museums.
Camps play an important part in the life of our school for they develop students' independence, co-operation and a wide range of physical and social skills including those related to being away from home and the school environment.
Matric Syllabuse is based on balochistan board provided guide for (BIES)

We provide opportunity for the students to have learning course 'O' Levels and Matric right from the Grade-8.

O Level syllabuses are designed on the assumption that candidates have about 130 guided learning hours per subject over the duration of the course. (Guided learning hours' include direct teaching and any other supervised or directed study time. They do not include private study by the candidate).
At the end of each Month children are assessed for the contents they have covered.
Islamic Events, National Days, Community Service Activities, Information Evenings, Open Days, musical performances, family teas, environmental projects, visits to and from other schools.
We have two semesters in an academic year. Each semester is comprised of 20 weeks. Students are tested for the contents they have covered during semester.
Wilderness school organizes a formal meeting with parents after every ten academic weeks.
Islamic Events, National Days, Community Service Activities, Information Evenings, Open Days, musical performances, family teas, environmental projects, visits to and from other schools.
  • encourage students to achieve: self-confidence, self-discipline and respect for all students, parents, members community.
  • create an orderly environment.
  • ensure that opportunities are open to all on an equal basis.
  • work in partnership with the local community, industry and commerce.


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