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Merit scholarships are awarded for the very brightest of applicants. An applicant's suitability for scholarship is judged not only from their past academic record (both Cambridge exam results and internal school report cards are important) but also their involvement in extra-curricular activities and sports.
The school has a robust support system in place for those facing academic or personal issues both at home or at school. This system is designed to identify issues early on, and to help the student resolve them in a supportive manner. The School has a personal guidance counselling system as well as an academic counselling system in place. All students are assigned an academic counsellor, and are expected to meet their respected counsellor on a regular basis. The Personal guidance counsellor is available to meet students at any time.
The academic day runs from 7:45am to 1:55pm. Co-curriculars take place daily from 2.00pm – 3.00pm, and during break times. Sports can be played during the school day and practices and tournaments are held after school and on weekends. There are reduced timings during Ramadhan. There are timing concessions for those A Level students who do not have classes in the first or second period, and the last period.
School doesn’t provide any such facility. However, transport contractors are available to facilitate transportation of students.


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