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Our institution is responsible for the education of young people from playgroup to Metric and ‘O’ Levels. The primary years of schooling provide a foundation for your son or daughter's learning and we encourage all of our students to be enthusiastic about learning and to view it as a lifelong process. Secondary students are expected to be much more independent and self-directed in their learning. Our aim is to assist your child to reach his/her fullest potential in all areas of development. Our role as teacher is to foster the development of the “whole child” with careful consideration given to intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development. read more

Our Educational Programs

Wilderness offers following educational programs


Our Pre-School caters for children between to 5 Years of age. A wide and stimulating programme aims to meet the needs of the individual child, in a positive, flexible, learning environment.

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Every child is a unique individual living in a unique environment and we aim to recognize and meet each student's differing needs and to cater for social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development.

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We seek to satisfy the needs both individual and society by promoting knowledge, skills and understanding. We seek to play a major part in this process by working to provide the highest quality of educational experience

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Wilderness School & College very successfully started the college classes last year. It was another milestone achieved by the institution with its experienced, devoted and dedicated faculty members. The primary aim of Wilderness School and College is overall personality grooming of students, providing the best and conducive teaching learning atmosphere by meeting the modern requirement of the time.

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Parents Testimonials

See what our student's parents have said about Wilderness School & College

The awesome school, It seems like "Master Mind" working behind and masha Allah "PERFECT" Model for our generations. "BARAKILLAH"
It was beyond our expectations hats off for your hard work and immense creative imaginations. We are pretty much sure that our children are in safe hands. May Allah bless you all
I don't find words to express my gratitude, teachers have worked wonders. There is mashaAllah brilliant improvement in Rahima's learning and behavior. May all the children be truly sadqa-e-jaria for Wilderness staff

Our dedicated, skilled & professional teachers are committed to work in partnership with you to provide an enriching educational experience for your child.